Self Tape Feedback

Obtain an Expert's Feedback on Your Self Tape!

In the current acting landscape, self-taping has become a significant component, especially when it comes to drama school auditions. It’s often the first step and can seem quite intimidating.

However, whether you’re auditioning for a drama school or an industry casting, we’re here to help! We’ll evaluate your self-tape and provide constructive feedback to ensure you’re submitting the most impressive tape possible.

Get pumped and dispatch your self tape to us! In no more than 24 hours, one of our seasoned coaches will be in touch with their professional feedback. They’ll meticulously analyze your tape and provide you with valuable insights on the following:

Technical Aspects

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Background
  • Angle/Camera Position

Monologue/Audition Piece Feedback

  • Dramatic Journey
  • Emotional Journey
  • Subtext
  • Tactics
  • Characterisation
  • Understanding of the Piece

They are also excited to evaluate your physical attributes, vocal and physical expressions, while providing feedback on your additional strengths and areas that could benefit from growth.

Get excited! Starting now, expert reviews on your self-tape begin at a mere $19 per item for a short period only!

Just email to get started!

For a decade, we at ACTING COACH SCOTLAND have been empowering actors of all skill levels to nail their auditions. Our professional coaching has assisted clients in creating self-tapes for industry giants like HBO, NETFLIX, AMAZON, HULU, BBC and major film corporations. In our ten years of operation, we’ve trained thousands of clients through regular part-time classes and our bespoke full-time acting courses developed in partnership with the SQA. We’ve also facilitated hundreds of students in gaining admission into acting schools. Allow us to assist you on your journey!

a student on audition set